The olive tree: a symbol of stability, peace and prosperity...  


My mind, financial standing and overall outlook on the world after finishing college: none of the above.

I was thrown off the University of Pittsburgh graduation stage with a pat on the back and a fake piece of paper, saying something about a degree. I landed on Long Island with whiplash and a pile of mail from the government, blabbing about the excessive amount of money I owe to the school that I still smell like.


But it’s fine, right? I just have to find a job (let alone, get someone to look at my application), adjust to moving back in with my family after 4 years of independence, figure out how to maintain a social life, AND THEN move out before it becomes embarrassing!

In an attempt to alleviate those pressures, and respond to the question of "so what's next?" from the entire planet, I’ve decided to seek help from others.


It seems no one's life ends up how they’ve planned, and that there is never a deadline for change. We should look forward to the “real world” and do something worth inviting a newborn graduate, or anyone, into. This is why I decided to start my page.


Not only does Behind the Olive Tree conceptualize the irony of your *not so* roaring 20s, but it is a homage to those who have found their place professionally, in a way that’s inspiring to me.


Writing these profiles brings me comfort and teaches me a new lesson everyday. I hope that my work influences your worldview, and brings you similar comfort along the way.








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